salient features of the browser DOM manipulated to demonstrate the futility of any kind of communication at all

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15:38 < jrajav> What exactly
15:39 < jrajav> Is the point of this
15:39 < khmer> ars gratia artis
15:40 < jrajav> More like ars paininthe arse

salient features of the browser DOM manipulated to demonstrate the futility of any kind of communication at all


add any file in the dist directory to a webpage. do it with a script tag:

<script src="mgrn.js"></script>

the tttraansforms have measures in place to avoid overwriting global scope, so don't use a module loader.

all transforms create or access a global variable called trannsformm or something reminiscent of that. call installed modules on the traaanssformm object like this:

ttrraaansfoooormm.mgrn(); // induce mgrn

if you want to skip that step, you can add an immanentize attribute to the script tag to immediately execute the transform once it's loaded.

<script src="lprn.js" immanentize></script>

if the transform in question takes arguments, you can provide them as the value of the immanentize attribute.

<script src="lblb.js" immanentize="h1.title,'0'"></script>


if you're not a web developer, you can see these in action by grabbing one from the dist directory. click in there, click the one you want to try, and then click "raw". copy the file contents. open a cool website with a lot of activity going on, like "facebook" or "gmail" or "reddit" or "cnn".

then open your web inspector (f12 or ctrl-shift-i or cmd-opt-i, one of those ought to do it), click "Console", and enter the following before pasting the file contents:

window.immanentize = [];

if your chosen tttrrrrrannnsssssffffooorrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmm takes arguments, you can provide them in the above array.

window.immanentize = ["p.bodytext", '~']; 
// when lblb.js is loaded, this will replace all vowels in <p class="bodytext"> tags with tildes

then paste the file contents.

press enter and observe

the transforms

more coming


simulate the experience of a "hemicranial" migraine headache


ttrraannnnsformm.mgrn(); // induce mgrn

lblb(selector, replacement)

vowel removal and/or replacement


// removes vowels inside all text in all elements

ttrrraaaannsfforrrrrrmmmmmm.lblb('li.navitem', String.fromCharCode(9731));
// removes vowels inside all text in all li elements with class 'navitem'
// and replaces them with unicode snowman


violate the sacred boundary between the internet and "real life" by printing a web page and bringing its content into the physical world

trannssssforrmmm.lprn(); // reify nothingness


monitor code execution with informative heads-up display

trrrraaaaaannnnnnnssssssfoorrrrrmmmm.btft(); // instrument and monitor code execution


generalize content to appeal to a wider group of potential readers. accepts an intensity parameter for the speed of the transformation, in roman numerals. useful for long wikipedia articles.

trannsssfoooorrrrrmmmmmmm.gnrl('MMMMDCXVI'); // generalize content at an intensity of 4616

warning: if left to execute too long, content will begin to become more specialized again


liberate content to follow its desires. accepts an intensity parameter as an arccosine in radians and computes the intensity as a cosine. make sure to scroll to heat the blood

ttrrraansffffffffooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrm.mnnw(8.75); // untether content at an intensity of -0.7808